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A dental implant is one of the methods used to replace a missing tooth. Our team offers comprehensive treatments for replacing your missing teeth and restoring your smile. Your speech and chewing will be pleasant again.

During the surgical procedure, we insert the dental implant into the jawbone. Titanium implants are completely biocompatible, and become the root for the tooth. After a short healing period, a replacement tooth can be attached to the implant.

The use of anesthesia ensures that the procedure is pain-free. A traditional implant requires two or three surgical procedures. We can extract a tooth and insert an implant during a single appointment, which significantly reduces the time for the procedure.

The implant can be used to support a bridge or prosthesis. If all of the teeth are missing and a full prosthesis is required, we use 10 implants to support 14 teeth in the upper or lower jaw. No adhesive products are required.

The advantages of our dental implants

Some of the advantages of our dental implants are listed below:

  • Regain the comfort and look of natural teeth
  • Prevent bone loss when a tooth has been extracted
  • Permanently replace missing teeth
  • An impressive 95% success rate (the success rate depends on the quality and quantity of the bone)
  • Significantly increase the stability of dentures
  • Enjoy permanent, fixed teeth as opposed to removable partial dentures
  • Facilitate the chewing and digestion of food
  • Regain your quality of life
  • Enhance your self-confidence
  • Regain the ability to speak and eat in comfort and confidence
  • Avoid losing your dentures at the worst possible time
  • Regain a feeling of youth and natural beauty
  • An impressive 95% success rate (the success rate depends on the quality and quantity of the bone)

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