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General Dentistry


Exam - Cleaning



We offer dental examinations, cleaning, scaling, polishing, fluoride treatment and sealant for children.


Have your teeth whitened by a professional in one hour.

Esthetic fillings

Our dentists use a white resinous composite or porcelain (CEREC), which gives your teeth a natural look and feel in just one visit.

Gum treatments (periodontic services)

Any disease that affects the tissues that support the teeth (primarily the gums and bones) can eventually lead to the loss of a tooth. The treatment involves removal of the bacteria, tartar and plaque on the surface of the tooth and around the gums.

Root canal treatments (endodontic services)

If decay infects the pulp (nerve) of the tooth, or if a tooth develops an abscess, we recommend endodontic treatment, which involves removing the decay and cleaning and disinfecting the tooth. The root canal treatment involves making an opening through the tooth, removing the nerve, cleaning, draining (in the case of an infection with pus) and disinfecting the roots, and then sealing the roots using a biocompatible thermoplastic material.

Crowns (in one visit)

After a root canal treatment, the tooth becomes devitalized and must be strengthened using a swivel and crown. It is indistinguishable from the adjacent teeth, and provide a completely natural feel.

We also recommend strengthening the tooth with a porcelain crown if it has been severely damaged by decay, discoloured or fractured.


We offer a wide range of oral surgery services. One of the most common interventions is the extraction of wisdom teeth. This is recommended in some situations. Indeed, the extraction of wisdom teeth avoids several problems such as the lack of space for the rest of the dentition, the presence of cavities, abnormal growth of teeth, the risk of infection, etc.

In addition to the extraction of wisdom teeth, we also offer bone grafting, gum grafting and sinus lift using precision tools at the cutting edge of technology.

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