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At Clinique St Charles Inc., we offer denturist and denture solutions in Longueuil and Brossard. You are missing teeth, whether they are complete or not, our denturists, Connie Hum and Do-Quyen Lamy will offer you high-quality treatment. With an eye for detail, they will take care of your dentures on implants with delicacy. They will provide you with an effective treatment that is now the most widespread and much appreciated by our patients.

What is a dental prosthesis?

The dental prosthesis is a device specially designed to replace missing teeth and offers protection for those damaged (following a cavity or periodontitis). It is, therefore, the perfect solution to regain normal chewing function or avoid tooth displacement. Teeth are an essential part of our physical aspect. If we miss a tooth, we feel discouraged, not sure of ourselves. What if we are missing several?

With a few missing teeth, there is a risk of malocclusion, physical changes and other complications. 

To avoid this, our denturist, who works in conjunction with a dentist, will help you find a suitable solution.

What are dental prostheses used for?

Losing teeth as a result of an accident or oral disease is a situation that must be taken seriously. Leaving empty spaces between teeth can lead to a host of problems: poor bite, difficult pronunciation, ineffective chewing, etc. Fortunately, denturists have many tricks up their sleeves to balance a toothless smile! This professional can design a denture that replaces one or more missing teeth. When properly fitted, chewing, speech functions, and smile aesthetics return to normal.

Types of dental prostheses

There are a variety of dentures that you may find difficult to differentiate. There are two main categories of dentures:

  • Fixed dentures
  • Removable dentures on implants


Fixed dentures are more similar to natural teeth. Once fixed, the patient cannot remove them. For example, we have: 

  • Dentures fixed to natural teeth; 
  • Dental crowns; 
  • Dental bridges; 
  • Dentures fixed on implants.


Removable dentures on implants are made for people who would like to have teeth quickly and don't have enough bone to insert implants. Here are the two types of dentures: 

  • Removable partial dentures; 
  • removable full dentures.

For more information, you can contact us, we are at your disposal.

How to choose your dentures?

When choosing a denture, we advise you to make an appointment with a specialist who, after consultation, will suggest the type of denture best suited to your needs.

You can make an appointment with our denturists for effective treatment and follow-up. 

How long do dentures last?

Do you wonder how your denturist in Brossard and Longueuil works? The typical length of a denture varies from 5 to 7 years. We advise you to have your dentures checked every five years to see if they show any signs of weakness and if they still fit well with your gums because bone and gums are in constant movement. Contact us today to find out more.

How long do dentures last?

A denture is made of dental resin. However, this resin has unique physicochemical properties that limit its life span. Besides, the mouth's anatomy may change, and the prosthesis will no longer be functional, so you should consider changing it. Its installation requires several appointments with your dentist to place the clasps, prepare the prosthesis and fit it.


However, if you find a break or your denture suddenly becomes uncomfortable, make an appointment. It is essential not to repair it yourself since it is highly likely that you will do more harm than good. Whether your dentures are removable or fixed, partial or complete, entrust us with their repair and avoid irreparable damage. Do you need maintenance and follow-up on your dentures? We invite you to make an appointment with our denturist.

What does it mean to be a denturist?

In Quebec, to practice as a Denturist, it is mandatory to have a college diploma in Denturist Techniques and be a member of the Ordre des dendrologists du Québec.

A denturist offers services in the design, fabrication, installation, repair and adjustment of dental prostheses. Whether you are missing one tooth, two teeth or all your teeth, know that a denturist can rebalance your teeth. To this end, this dental prosthesis specialist performs the following tasks:

  • assessment of your needs (visual and tactile examination, impression taking, etc.)
  • development of a treatment that takes into account your overall health status
  • design a prosthesis in harmony with your morphology (face shape, complexion, hair colour, eye colour, etc.).
  • fitting, occlusion check and adjustment of the prosthesis


Also, he/she may also be requested to manufacture superior prostheses, such as :

  • mouth protectors for athletes (field hockey or soccer players, boxers, etc.)
  • anti-snoring or anti-bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding) devices
  • prostheses specially designed for theatre, television or cinema.

How is a denture made?

Wondering how your denturist in Brossard and Longueuil proceeds? Mrs. Do-Quyen Lamy uses various processes to make a personalized denture. First, she begins with a meticulous examination of the patient's mouth, with the naked eye and sophisticated equipment. Then, she takes impressions of the teeth (or gums, if necessary) to create a plaster mould, which will be used to design a prosthesis adjusted in the clinic. An essential step in the manufacturing process is the choice of artificial teeth: shape, length, colour, etc. The goal is obviously to obtain the most aesthetic smile possible! Depending on the case, dentures contain metal, acrylic, composite resin or ceramic. Besides, the wax is used during the manufacturing process. Its consistency allows the artificial teeth to be individually "glued" to the denture.

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Whether it is for a repair or a new denture, do not hesitate and make your appointment today! Your denturist in Brossard, Longueuil, and elsewhere are eager to take care of you. We also accept patients from all over the South Shore:


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