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Would you like to have a bright smile but your teeth are stained? Clinique Dentaire Saint-Charles offers you its teeth whitening and dental cleaning in Longueuil and on the South Shore. Our state-of-the-art technology and safe enamel treatment products provide excellent results quickly.

Why Are My Teeth This Colour?

The causes of tooth discolouration are well known: certain beverages such as coffee or wine, nicotine in tobacco, or certain medications containing iron, among others. Discolouration not only affects natural teeth but also restorations made of resin.

What can I do? Opt for teeth whitening at our Longueuil clinic: it's the first step towards a smile you'll be proud of! Both before and after your treatment, we strongly advise you to adopt and maintain good oral hygiene habits, including regular visits to your dentist for a thorough cleaning.

Consultation and Treatment: The Steps

We bleach when we are certain that your teeth are ready for the treatment, so we make sure you don't have cavities or any other conditions that might prevent them. Descaling and polishing always precede the application of the whitening gel. Once the treatment in the clinic is completed, you will be given mouth trays adapted to your teeth. You will also receive all the instructions and materials you need to extend the application at home for just a few days. You will get the best out of your treatment and long-lasting results.

Tooth Whitening: Safe and Even Beneficial!

Some patients may experience sensitivity when undergoing tooth whitening treatment. In Longueuil and on the South Shore, the staff at the Clinique Saint-Charles will reassure you: this feeling is only temporary. In fact, we use modern bleaching gels with added fluoride and potassium nitrate: your teeth are strengthened and will become even more resistant to sensitivity. There's no reason to hesitate: make an appointment today!


Service Area

Located in Old Longueuil, our dental clinic is easily accessible for all South Shore residents:

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  • La Prairie
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